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Although the design of the boat hull Viking 460 is a kind of compromise between the flat-bottomed boa and a displacement one - the letter S with the type, indicates that boat has more flat-bottomed features. Do you want to swim in the lake, like spin fishing, swim with children, or prefer stability over high speed? Viking 460 S is for you.

The maximum number of persons that may be on board depends on the body of water where will You swim. Boat with excellent results has been tested by the Polish Register of Shipping and received design category C. Under this category, the maximum number of crew to 5 people. For calmer waters, where conditions category D - we can safely put on the board one more person.

Fishing boats Viking 460 is a proposal for demanding anglers who need braver and bigger than eg. Viking 390. In "460" we can mount a bigger engine, go on  higher wave, adapt to accommodate more equipment, sit comfortably even with four or five companions, mount the spin fishing seat without losing space on the boat, pull water skier, experience more adventures.

Creating Viking 460, from the first sketches we wanted it to be a boat above all safe, strong, durable and fastest possible in its class. We wanted it to be able to use by the fire brigade, police, rescue and patrol  services of various kinds. Objective achieved.

Aluminium used to manufacture a boat type of Viking 460 is already higher than standard models 330 and 390. We assume that V-460 will be subjected to higher loads, so its construction we use aluminum type PA-13. It is very durable and resistant to corrosion, salt water aluminum alloy. As with other types of construction of our boats, we despise rivets or screws. The design of the boat is fully welded with TIG and MIG, standard equip the boat transom reinforcements, sides and bottom. Used aluminum sheet is 3mm thick so even after a strong impact on a tough obstacle, boat is not damaged.

Viking 460 S has only 20 cm draft. The initial stability and the total is unbeatable by other units in this category. Completely flat floor of the cockpit is mounted on a robust construction framing which allows for any adaptation of the units for different tasks and goals - with such a situation, you can freely configure the seats set or control panel without affecting its stability. The floor is entirely made of aluminum checker plate, which protects against the danger of slipping and tipping. Very high side, adaptability, flat floor and the spaciousness of the cockpit puts the unit in the first place in its class, great boat for both services and anglers.




- The angle of inclination of the bottom of the transom ( Deadrise ) : 5,1 degree
- Maximum crew of 5/6 persons (Project Category C / D)
- Motor boat
- Very solid construction ( boat fully welded )
- Exceptionally high broadside ,
- Comfortable and safe - a wide , completely flat deck ,
- Stability, very 
- Security (two tight buoyancy chambers , the thickness of the aluminum sheet 3 mm )
- Shallow draft (25 cm ! )
- 5 year warranty,
- Expandable and self- configuration of equipment .
- Console on both sides symmetrically or longitudinal axis of the boat, placed on the front or center

Standard equipment:

1. floor and upper deck with checker plate
2. aft bench with locker, closed with aluminum flap made of aluminum and engine well
3. bow anchor roller
4. split rail on sides
5. bow bench with buoyancy chamber
6. steersman swivel chair
7. navigation lights (top lamp white, lights red and green)
8. electric control panel with switches
9. 4 plastic mooring cleats (18 cm long)
10. rod holder for 3 rods
11. steering console with:
console rail
plastic windshield
steering wheel,
steering gear, 
steering cable,
plastic bushings for cables and wires 
12. outside boards     painting (one color chosen from palette of standard colors)
13. boat finish (fenders, C shaped rubber profile – protecting boards coaming)
14. electrical installation (connection of elements of the electrical equipment to the control panel, battery, main switch and engine*)
15. towing eye
16. aluminum echo sounder fastening
17. aluminum anode fastening
18. deck water outflow

* battery, main power switch and engine are not part of standard equipment

For additional boats safety and satisfaction with steering, we suggest buoyancy chambers be filled with nonabsorbent foam - extra charged

Additional equipment (presented solutions are only a Viking preliminary proposal):

• outboard engines with accessories and installation (producer prices!) 
• aluminum mooring cleats 
• bilge pump
• tight closing battery case
• deck lighting
• painting boats in colors other than the standard
• swivel chairs of various types and shapes
• rod holders
• trolling handles 
• persening, full or partial
• tight, lockable lockers
• overal rail
• broadsides carpet tiling
• bow spining platform with rotating seat
• finish of the interior of the cockpit with materials selected by the customer, etc.

Aluminum fishing boat made to order? Every customer is different. In our case it is not just a slogan, equipping your boat is your choice.
Call us - we offer a great and durable equipment, which is now within your reach. Check and see!


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