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Porównianie VIKING 650HT z VIKING 650HT2 - kliknij tutaj


Mamy przyjemność zaprezentować nową wersję modelu łodzi Viking 650HT.

Model Viking 650 HT2 posiada wyższą kabinę i większe okna.

W ofercie dalej pozostaje Viking 650 HT.

Obok prezentujemy zestawienie obu modeli.





Basic equipment:

1. floor and upper deck made of checker plate
2. self – draining deck & floor
3. fuel tank chamber closed with flap made of aluminum checker plate
4. aft-seating on the fuel tank chamber
5. stationary fuel-tank 93 L
6. fuel level sensor
7. fuel filler
8. fuel tank vent
9. open cabin on the bow with 7 windshields made of safe-glass
10. 2 lockers in cabin closed with standard plastic flaps
11. open olockers in cabin
12. 2 seatings in the cabin behind the steersman and passenger seats
13. upholstery for passengers seats in the cabin
14. cabin lightning (white lamp on the ceiling of cabin)
15. Dashboard, including:  
steering wheel
hydraulic steering gear & hydraulic steering system
electrical switch panel
plastic bushings for cables and wires
steersman's swivel chair with slider
passenger's swivel chair
fuel level indicator
16. navigational lights (top lamp white, side lamps red & green)
17. 4 mooring cleats (welded aluminum)
18. 8 aluminum aft rod holders
19. aft rails
20. rooftop rail
21. side rails
22. deck ligthning (one white lamp under the ceiling directed to the aft)
23. main power switch
24. electrical installation (connection of elements of the electrical equipment to the control panel, main switch, battery, and engine*)
25. 2 wet lockers on aft
26. outside broadside painting (one coloured, chosen from standard color palette, wheelhouse painted white)
27. boat finish (check rail, C shaped rubber profile – protecting sides' coaming, carpet on the sides in the cabin, ceiling lining)
28. battery-box with fastening belt
29. aluminum echo sounder fastening
30. aluminum anode fastening
* battery and engine are not part of standard equipment