VIKING is Polish producer of aluminium boats and experienced organizer of fishing trips.


Since 2013 company released fourteen models of boats – 3,3m up to 8,5 m., which decks and equipment is configured individually according to clients needs

We produce, most of all, fishing and utility boats, for both inland waters and open seas. On offer there are landing boats, transport boats, rescue boats, boats for services, outboard and stationary engines, trailers for boats, we can also build boat based on clients design.

The root of company go few years back. At the beginning we refurbished old vessels, from which, practically created were new ones, but as "Viking", company was established in 2013.

Company also organizes fishing trips to beautiful yet demanding waters of northern Norway, where founder and owner of Viking company Ryszard Gryszpinski, personally provide his guests with secrets of effective fishing. Because of his passion to those areas and to its beauty - Viking logo contains reference to Norwegian flag.

All boats produced by Viking company go through test by PRS (Polish Boat Registry), have applied CE mark and are suitable to be sold abroad. We give 5 years hull warranty, there is also an option to extend it!

As shipyard Viking cooperates also with producers of outboard engines: since 2016 on offer there are engines of YAMAHA, SUZUKI, EVINRUDE, HONDA, MERCURY and SEAKING. Aluminium used to build boats is imported from Scandinavia: Finland, Denmark and Sweden, equipment mounted on boats is both Polish, Italian, American or German. In every case we want equipment to be first class, equal in durability and quality to Viking boats.


Was unterscheidet Vikingboote?

- broad cockpit
- excellent stability and buoyancy parameters
- comfortable and safe, broad and completely flat deck
- boats are made of corrosion resistant aluminium alloy
- easy for the user to maintain cleanliness and the technical condition of the boat
- very light hull for its class (no need for additional bracing and strengthening of aluminium construction with other materials)
- safety (thickness of material used for production in smallest vessels is 3 mm thick, used is also corrosion resistant aluminium PA13 and PA11. Thickness of plates in bigger boats is up to 10mm)

- air tight buoyancy chambers (minimum of two separate
- shallow draft for its class
- possibility of expanding and self configuration of equipment
- painting of boat at no extra charge
- row boats, motor boats, open, half open or cabin
- wide range of equipment for boats, motor and electric engines
- very rich optional equipment