It's good, when boats from new, are equipped with properly selected propulsion.

As a shipyard we offer outboards of known and proven brands in the official prices of their producers, and service mount will not cost you anything! Check!

* The free installation service applies only to combustion engines, the price of the electric motor installation depends on its components and is available at the nearest Viking sales point.

Engines out of following offer are installed on new boats without additional charges for service installation and start-up - regardless of its size and brand.
By purchasing your Viking with the motor you can be 100% sure of your boat and from the first moments enjoy with an efficient, tailored in every respect, new equipment!

As each customer has their own individual needs, so each boat has its own specific parameters. Engines also - differ fomr each other - some are working quietly, others gain an advantage due to low weight, and still others enjoy the customer low fuel consumption, there are also such that the customer chooses because of design and those that give the greatest torque, we all know that there are also those engines of whom it is said, not to wear out.

In this regard, we have them all - we have prepared for you our suggestions to simplify the issue of selection of the engine for the type of boat.

Depending on the type of boat and engine when buying, one should remember that companies producing engines offer different standard accessory to the engine and engine mounting kit must be chosen. These are items such as engine shift/throtle cables, battery, battery box, engine oil, the main power switch, fuel tank, fuel line, sensors, gauges, shifter. Often equipment such as a primary fuel tank and the fuel line is standard together with propeller, shifter and gauges, in other cases (often in the case of one particular model of a particular brand) may need to purchase the fuel tank and the fuel line or additional gauges.

Our representatives continuously monitor the market - to advise on the selection of the most favorable solution. With every purchase of a boat engine price of the whole can be summed up in a simple equation: Price set the boat with the engine = boats price with equipment +  engine price + installation kit price.