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Aluminum fishing boat Viking 330 is the smallest manufactured by us. This small, manoeuvrable and economic boat is ideal for two anglers, or those who like to fish alone. Low price, uncomparable to competitors durability, and ease of use are the hallmarks of all our boats.

The boat was formed as a response to the needs of customers looking for a small, robust, yet cheap aluminum boats. We meet the expectations of anglers presenting unit with very good technical parameters and at the same time at a low price.

When designing an aluminum boat Viking 330 used high transom, which allowed the use of sides exceptionally high for this class of units. Viking 330 with engine of 9 HP moves comfortably fast, water resistance acting on the hull are very small which makes the fuel consumption low.

Outboard motor of 10 HP is strongest, which in this model we successfully use. The material for the production boats Viking 330 is of the the same high standard as the highest quality aluminum sheet used in the higher models of our boats. The model 330 has a thickness of 3 mm and is entirely aluminum PA11, which is of high corrosion resistance in sea conditions.

All structural welds are double welded. In the production of Viking 330 to build its hull is not used a single rivet, bolt or a screw. As all aluminum boats produced by our company, so Viking 330 has two tight buoyancy chambers that make this vessel unsinkable .
Boat Viking 330 is assumed as small and manoeuvrable fishing boat, but fully valuable and capable of operating in conditions much more difficult than the composite or wood counterparts with low side, which you can find on the market .



Viking 330
- Very solid construction ( boat fully welded )
- Exceptionally high broadsides,
- Comfortable and safe - a wide, completely flat deck ,
- Stability, 
- Security (two tight buoyancy chambers , the thickness of the aluminum sheet 3 mm )
- Shallow draft ( approx. 10 cm ! )
- 5 years warranty,
- possible expansion and self configuration of equipment

Standard equipment:

1. floor and uppper deck made of checker plate
2. open aft bench
3. demoungtable middle bench
4. bow bench with buoayncy chamber
5. set of oars + oar lock
6. mooring cleats 4 pcs
7. standard bow roll
8. standard aft roll
9. boat finish (fenders, C shaped rubber profile – protecting boards coaming)
10. standard outside broadside painting (one coloured, chosen from standard color palette)
11. towing eye
12. aluminum echo sounder fastening
13. aluminum anode fastening
14. deck water outflow

For additional boats safety and satisfaction with steering, we suggest buoyancy chambers be filled with nonabsorbent foam - extra charged


Additional equipment (presented solutions are only a preliminary proposal Viking):

• outboard engines with accessories and installation (producer prices!)
• deck lighting
• painting boats in colors other than the standard
• swivel chairs of various types and shapes
• rod holders
• trolling handles 
• persening, full or partial
• stering console which includes steering wheel, steering gear and steering system
• locker for rods
• tight, lockable lockers
• rail split or full
• broad aft bench with locker
• broadsides carpet tiling
• bow platform spiningowy with rotating seat
• finish of the interior of the cockpit with materials selected by the customer, etc ..

Aluminum fishing boat made to order? Every customer is different. In our case it is not just a slogan, equipping your boat is your choice.
Call us - we offer a great and durable equipment, which is now within your reach. Check and see!





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