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VIKING 750 LC is the largest unit built by us so far.
Thanks to the excellent design of the hull, despite its large size boat moves through the water with grace and is economical. Great in-class deck and gate bow (w. 153 cm!) make our boat unit extremely practical.

Carrying capacity of the boat, taking into account the weight of the engine is over 1800 kg!
We configure a boat under the individual order. For an extra fee you can mount the outboard or stationary engine, persening, additional seats, sonar, the application of an individual, even an artistic pattern paint, etc..
We can build a boat to order, we serve with professional advice when selecting the appropriate design solutions and hardware.




Standard equipment Viking 750 LC:

1. floor and upper deck made of checker plate
2. water saelfdrained from deck & floor
3. outside broadside painting (one coloured, chosen from standard color palette, wheelhouse not painted)
4. open bow gate (width. 153 cm)
5. manual bow gate winch
6. side rails
7. aft rails
8. half-open wheelhouse with full standing height, placed in aft (with possibilty of dismounting upper part for transport) which includes:
4 windshields (made of plastic)
steering wheel,
steering gear, 
mechanical  steering cable,
electric control panel with switches,
plastic bushings for cables and wires,
9. 3 closed lockers
10. 3 mooring poles (welded aluminum)
11. 6 mooring cleats (welded aluminum)
12. demountable broad side benches for 8 passangers
13. aluminum echo sounder fastening
14. aluminum anode fastening
15. 2 aft steps (one on a side)
16. two chairs in the wheelhouse
17. battery container with mounting
18. main power switch
19. stationary petrol tank 69 L
20. fuel level sensor
21. fuel level indicator
22. fuel filler
23. fuel tank vent
24. navigational lighitng
25. steering console lighting

For additional boats safety and satisfaction with steering, we suggest buoyancy chambers be filled with nonabsorbent foam - extra charged


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