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Viking 700 is aluminum, offshore fishing boat with a hull length of 765 cm. It has a semi-open wheelhouse with full standing height and self-draining cockpit. Can accommodate up to 10 people crew, is equipped with 6 seats (of which 6 inside the wheelhouse) and a separate toilet cubicle. We can make this unit to order, individually matching the furnishings and fittings. Boat design category is C.

The premiere was held at the Poznan International Fair.




Standard equipment:

  1. 6 welded aluminum mooring cleats
  2. aft door
  3. roof rail
  4. broadside rail
  5. aft rail
  6. floor and upper deck made of checker plate
  7. selfdrained deck & floor
  8. boat finish (fenders, C shaped rubber profile – protecting boards coaming)
  9. steersman chair
  10. passenger chair
  11. open wheelhouse:

steering wheel
hydraulic steering gear hydraulic steering system
electrical switch panel
plastic bushings for cables and wires
front wind shield glass, side wind shields plastic
front wind shield wiper

  1. automatic bilge pump
  2. main power switch
  3. battery box with mounting
  4. navigational lights
  5. deck light
  6. wheelhouse light
  7. toilet light
  8. chemical toilet + urinal
  9. electrical installation
  10. outside board painting
  11. outsidewheelhouse painting
  12. wheelhouse seat upholstery
  13. 2 closed lockers
  14. total of 6 seats in wheelhouse
  15. stationary fuel tank (69L)
  16. fuel filler
  17. inspection hole at fuel filler
  18. fuel tank vent
  19. fuel indicator
  20. fuel level sensor
  21. aluminum echo sounder fastening
  22. aluminum anode fastening

For additional boats safety and satisfaction with steering, we suggest buoyancy chambers be filled with nonabsorbent foam - extra charged

Additional equipment (presented solutions are only a preliminary proposal Viking):

• fridge 
• fresh water tank
• folded table
• extra slots for chairs


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